I'm a young and pragmatic Software Engineer. I very much value the concept of effectiveness as described by Effective Altruism and wish to use my skills for the most pressing issues of this world, with the most motivated and rational people.

I graduated 2015 from Université Rennes 2 (France) and UNCG (USA) in Geographical Information Systems, and have 5 years of professionnal experience working with large scale systems and on the development of websites and services supporting NGO's high audience campaigns.

As a developer, I very much value attitude, cooperation, and best practices.
As an indiviual, equal consideration of interests for all beings.

Issues I wish to work on

  • Animal Rights and Welfare
  • Climate Change
  • Global Health and Poverty
  • AI/ML Safety Research

My fields of knowledge

  • Modern Frontend Development (React, Angular)
  • Backend Development (Python, Node, PHP)
  • Data Science and Visualization
  • GIS and Spatial Analysis (Static & Interactive maps)
  • Database Administration (PostgreSQL)
  • System Administration and DevOps

Topics I wish to explore

  • AI/ML Policy and Safety Control
  • Development Cooperation
  • AI/ML and ML Engineering
  • Internet Of Things
Please get in touch if you would like to work together.